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Types of Stretch ceiling

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It is a PVC fabric that can be stretched under a certain temperature, and is stretched from wall to wall, made according to demand in terms of size, shape and design, and attached to aluminum tracks fixed to the walls.

Yes, it replaces gypsum board and complements it according to different tastes because it has many shapes and colors that depend on the person’s taste.

These ceilings have a long life as they are not affected by the weather factors of humidity and heat and can be used outside without being affected by the heat of the sun as they are made of materials and inks specially designed to preserve their luster

Simply send us the required sizes (length and width) with the required design and our team will take care of preparing and printing them.

There are thousands of designs available with us
Or you can use the Shutterstock website and search for any design and we will make sure to prepare the design for you and print it

Do not worry, the installation method is easy and fast, as we provide you with free videos to explain the installation mechanism
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It is one of the ones that add creativity to your home.
Having these businesses in your home dazzles guests while developing family imaginations.
We have compiled 3D examples for you. We hope it will be useful to you.

Features Of Stretch Ceilings

We strive to illuminate our customers with high-quality designs and materials, exclusive creative ideas, and serve our customers in all Arab and European countries

High quality inks and materials

Ease of installation

Moisture resistant

Environmentally friendly

Heat resistant

long term

In simple steps

We save you effort and time for easy implementation by following the following steps

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